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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Woodland Owner Cooperator Training

Vermont Coverts is offering its fall Woodland Owner Cooperator Training September 8-10th.  This program is offered to landowners and others interested in learning more about forest stewardship and wildlife management.  The training allows participants a chance to connect with resource professionals and others while learning how to improve woodlands in a sustainable manner.  Coverts is a peer-to-peer network connecting those interested in forests and wildlife with others in their community.  This fall the training is at Kehoe Conservation Camp in Hydeville, VT.  This program is free (a deposit holds your space and is returnable upon completion of the training).  Space is limited so register now!  To learn more, see a sample agenda or download an application visit our website at www.vtcoverts.org.  You can also contact us by calling Lisa Sausville at 802-877-2777 or e-mail lisa@vtcoverts.org

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