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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Act 250 Notice

ACT 250 NOTICE APPLICATION #4C1144-5 AND HEARING 10 V.S.A. §§ 6001 - 6093 On July 14, 2017, Cobble Hill Camp, LLC, 78 Precast Road, Milton, VT 05468 and Camp Holdings, LLC, 78 Precast Road, Milton, VT 05468 filed application #4C1144-5 for a project generally described as a boundary line adjustment between Lots 1 and 2, and change in use of Lot 1 from Cobble Hill Trailer Sales to Mountain Transit Inc, along with a parking lot expansion for school bus storage and daily dispatch. The Project is located at 79 Camp Precast Road in Milton, Vermont.   The Commission issued a minor notice regarding the Project on July 21, 2017. Upon reviewing the notice, the Applicant clarified their opposition to the AAFM ruling regarding Primary Agricultural Soils and requested a hearing. The Commission intends to narrow the scope of the hearing to Criterion 9(B) (Primary Agricultural Soils) unless additional issues are raised at the hearing. Accordingly, a public hearing is hereby announced as follows: A Site Visit is scheduled for Monday, August 28, 2017 at 8:30AM at the project site. Directions: We will meet at 79 Precast Road in Milton, VT. A Public Hearing is scheduled to convene immediately following the site visit at the Milton Town Offices, Meeting Room, 43 Bombardier Road, Milton, Vermont. The following people or organizations may participate in the hearing for this project:  1.  Statutory parties:  The municipality, the municipal planning commission, the regional planning commission, any adjacent municipality, municipal planning commission or regional planning commission if the project lands are located on a town boundary, and affected state agencies are entitled to party status. 2.  Adjoining property owners and others:  May participate as parties to the extent they have a particularized interest that may be affected by the proposed project under the ten criteria.   3. Non-party participants: The district commission, on its own motion or by petition, may allow others to participate in the hearing without being accorded party status. If you wish further information regarding participation in this hearing, please contact the district coordinator at the address below before the date of the first hearing or prehearing.  If you have a disability for which you are going to need accommodation, please notify this office at least seven days prior to the above hearing date.  If you feel that any of the District Commission members listed on the attached Certificate of Service under “For Your Information” may have a conflict of interest, or if there is any other reason a member should be disqualified from sitting on this case, please contact the district coordinator as soon as possible, no later than prior to the response date listed above.  Copies of the application and plans for this project are available for inspection by members of the public during regular working hours at the Milton Town Offices, the Chittenden Office, and the District #4 Environmental Office. The application can also be viewed at the Natural Resources Board web site (www.nrb.state.vt.us/lup) by clicking on "Act 250 Database" and entering the project number above.  Dated at Essex Junction, Vermont this 8th day of August, 2017. 
By:   Warren Foster, Acting District Coordinator 111 West Street Essex Junction, VT 05452 Tel:(802) 786-5922  Warren.foster@vermont.gov

W:\NRB\DIST4\PROJECTS\4C1001-4C1250\4C1144\4C1144-5\Published Documents\District Commission Documents\4C1144-5.hearing.notice.doc